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A Chicago-based practice providing therapy, mental health resources and community wellness

Our Approach


We believe in the interconnectedness of therapy, wellness and community


You can expect to find an approachable community of individuals, professionals and clients, committed to achieving their personal and mutual potential, and helping you do the same in your life

Accessible and Adaptive

Thrive Ahead Co. offers private, professional wellness services in the form of nutrition counseling, career counseling, acupuncture and mental health therapy as well as holistic resources between session to support your healing and growth, geared to your specific needs and goals

What’s Challenging You?


You’ve just made some changes in your life or made a major adjustment like moving to Chicago. You tell yourself you’re ready to build connections and start fresh but you know it would be smoother if you had some support to also reconnect with yourself in the process.


Despite knowing the importance of a balanced lifestyle, you’re finding it hard to integrate wellness practices into your daily routine. You’re feeling a lack of energy, shifts in relationships and uncertainty on where to start, but you’re ready to work through the overwhelm and find another direction.


Your mind races and getting back to calm feels out of reach. You’re wondering how to manage the doubts and nagging thoughts and thinking about exploring therapy, acupuncture to find the balance again and nutrition to nourish your body in ways that help you attune to yourself in healthy ways.


You’ve created some great habits for yourself and are regularly getting a workout that feels great for your mind and body and yet you know that your nutrition isn’t matching that pattern, you’re wondering who can help that respects your health and strength goals, without prioritizing weight. And consistently you try to relax and rest through the soreness but you know there’s got to be a way to shorten the recovery.


You’re keenly aware of the impact these struggles have been on your life, your routines, your energy and relationships. You’re looking for some professional folks, a holistic support system, that can help you address the physical symptoms as well as your emotional, psychological and energetic wellness in a collaborative way.


You’re managing a whirlwind of thoughts and procrastination on a daily basis and regularly you’ve wondered if this is connected with ADHD. You’re looking for comprehensive support that blends counseling, nutritional guidance (it’s such a chore to plan this so many times a day!), and personalized strategies to enhance your focus, organization, overall wellbeing and would like to finally have a calm mind and a pattern that works for you.

We Get It! We Got You!

At Thrive Ahead Co. we don’t hire folks who aren’t down-to-earth or who you would have a hard time connecting with! You can expect that your wellness provider is well-trained and able to adapt to your needs, offering strategies that will allow you to live authentically and more grounded in the life that you have. We’re in the business of insight, awareness and change and our goal is to help you lessen the obstacles within you and increase your confidence as you live the life you want… and if you could benefit from additional wellness resources beyond what we provide, we have a wide network of community-oriented, experienced providers to introduce you to. And you can bet they’re down-to-earth as well!

Wellness Partnerships

For those whose wellness journey starts with therapy, sometimes talking about what’s happened is a great way to connect and grow but talking through things and gaining insight and empathy isn’t always enough. That’s where our other wellness resources come into play.

If you’re needing support in addition to our in-house services of mental health therapy, nutrition counseling, career counseling and acupuncture/Chinese medicine, we have resources and connections with local providers of the following:

Chiropractic Care

For those who experience anxiety and depression in bodily/somatic ways.

Community & spirtuality exploration

For those who are looking for new spaces locally to connect with like-minded individuals who together uncover new connections with their deepest self.

Personal Training

For those would would like to gain confidence through physical activity, strength and empowerment.

Physical Therapy

For those chronic pain and tension concerns.

Psychological & Neuropsych/ Diagnostic Testing

For those who would benefit from understanding more about their abilities, strengths and patterns and how they relate to personality and challenges.

ADHD Testing

For those who would like to understand if they have ADHD or rule this out as a potential way to understand your struggles.

New Clients


Wellness Resources

Thrive Ahead Partners

“Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”

Brene Brown

Why the “Co.” in Thrive Ahead Co.?

Why the Co. in Thrive Ahead Co.? Well, Co- means with, together, jointly and we believe that not a lot of growth, insight, or fun comes without being together with others who we can share the same humor, bounce ideas off, or who can challenge us to see ourselves in a different light. Co- is about cultivating the relationships and community that help us grow this way. At Thrive Ahead Co. we are intentional about this work and growth toward our personal and mutual potential and we want to welcome you into that space. Our intention is to connect and partner with other professionals who embrace this same spirit to welcome you on a path to holistic wellness no matter where it’s comfortable to start.

And the “Thrive Ahead”,

where does that come from?

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When studying a kind of skills-based therapy that some therapists use called DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), a client would learn about a skill called “Cope Ahead”. In this skill a client is encouraged to name emotions and thoughts that might come up in a near future situation that they’re imagining will be stressful or dreadful and think about what coping skills they are going to use when those thoughts or feelings come up. It’s meant to get clients out of a reactive mode and into a responsive mode before the stressful things actually happen. While all of us can see why this might actually be helpful, do we really just want to have to cope with life all the time? Isn’t there any way to change our circumstances and overall patterns so we can have less reactive moments in general? At Thrive Ahead Co. we change this skill and flip it on it’s head, we encourage you to use your strengths to build a life, relationships and environment around you where responding is more prevalent than reacting because you know when you have control, you can work with when you only have influence and you can admit and accept when you don’t actually have control over the situation. You don’t have to just cope, because to us, living in that space regularly isn’t helping you enjoy yourself, your life and the people in it. We want you to Thrive!

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