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Our Mission



At Thrive Ahead Co., we believe that the interconnectedness of professional therapy, wellness, and community are essential for personal growth. You can expect an approachable community of individuals committed to achieving their personal and mutual potential through a holistically motivated lens. Our community is accessible and adaptive, so whether you’re brand new to wellness practices, or continuing your journey, Thrive Ahead Co. offers private, professional therapy and wellness resources for healing and growth, all in one space.


Committed to personal
& mutual potential


Holistically motivated

Ready to grow


To create a community where members feel welcomed, accepted, whole, and able to grow.

Our Story

Thrive Ahead Co. is a community-led approach to wellness. Founded in 2021, Thrive Ahead Co. offers specialized, professional therapy, wellness resources, and professional services support for clients and therapists alike. Serving the greater Chicago area, our mission is to cultivate a collaborative community where clients, therapists, and partnering businesses feel empowered and at home. The Thrive Ahead Community is about being connected to one another as resources so that we’re free to build further meaning in our lives.

First and foremost, we offer evidence-based, down-to-earth, healing therapy. Plus, Thrive Ahead Co. goes beyond traditional therapy to create a collaborative community, including gathering spaces, workshops, and events, as well as referrals to our partners for fitness options, nutritional guidance, support groups, career development, and much more. This community is a place for holistic wellness, to explore a new side of one’s self, and to not just cope but to “THRIVE AHEAD!”

Founder, Jenn Graus, LCPC, set out to create ease for therapists by enabling them to be more attentive to their clients, while the Thrive Ahead Co. team assists with any necessary administrative, business, and ongoing education needs.

For the practitioners and community partners, this novel concept creates a robust network of mutual referrals that benefit the clients, each other as professionals, and the larger community. Given the mental health struggles individuals face today, the idea of “doing it alone,” just doesn’t work, giving way to the Thrive Ahead Co. Community.

Our Team

Jenn Graus, LCPC


Adriana Bahena, MBA


Alyssa Perez, LAc, DACM


Kaylie Short, LPC


Kiley Gregory, RDN


Matthew Lieser, LCPC