Jenn Graus, LCPC (she/her)


As a therapist, I am an active guide. A number of clients have come to me saying that they definitely need someone who is going to be more involved, not stone-faced or silent, and someone who is going to ask questions. That’s exactly what you get in our sessions. I’m involved, approachable, attentive, and expressive. I’m someone to test ideas, thoughts and identities with; I won’t hold you to them because often we need someone outside of us to test ideas with before we know what feels authentic and what works for us. Together we can test your inner thoughts, hold them to the light and plan out the conversations and scenarios that anxiety and fear of conflict are holding you back from. You can bet that in a tough session, we’ll still find ways to connect with humor as I truly believe when used well it’s one of the most integrating skills we can have, to know and hold this lightness at the same time as the seriousness and even pain that life brings us.

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I’m a Michigan native and have lived in sooooo many different neighborhoods and places in and around Chicago for over 14 years. I know what it’s like to be new in town and try to make your own way and find your people. When I’m not at Thrive Ahead Co. I’m usually planning my next vacation, connecting with family and friends, doing some yoga or out walking by the lake or in a forest preserve while listening to podcasts or trying to find some new beat to love. I also fiddle around with outdoor photography, black and white ink drawing, and taking care of my plants on my amazing oasis of an outdoor balcony, where I’m hoping to be joined by a fur baby one of these days. In and outside of work I’m known as a gatherer of folks, I love to have people over and just spend time together eating well and laughing well.

Areas of Focus:

Life Transitions

Career Counseling


Communication Skills

Executive Functioning & Adult ADHD


Self Esteem

Anxiety, Perfectionism and Procrastination

LGBT Support

Peer/Relationship Issues



Caregiver Support

Body Image



College-aged Adults (especially first generation)

Recent Grads newly Adulting

Adults New to their career

Adults New to Chicago

Career Changers


Those developing new identities and shedding old ones

Those looking to improve their communication in personal and professional relationships


Licensed Clinical Professional Therapist - Degree from Loyola University Chicago

11 Years in Education as a Middle and High School Teacher, Counselor and Director of IT

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