Exploring Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture for Holistic Wellness

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is estimated to be 23 centuries old.  This system of medicine aims to provide healing and therapeutic benefits, prevention and healing of disease and overall balanced flow of energy in the body.  Acupuncture, cupping and herbal medicine are some of the ancient medical techniques used to relieve pain, address symptoms manifesting in the body, cure disease and improve general well being.

The foundation of traditional Chinese medicine lies in wellness practitioners/healers bringing balance to their patients.  This balance between two forces within the body is known as the yin (passive) and yang (active).  TCM acknowledges a healthy individual as someone who’s body is in harmony between the yin and yang.  On the other hand, illness results from an imbalance of yin and yang.

Acupuncture is a medical technique used to balance flow.  This flow is known to be energy or a life force, qi or chi (pronounced CHEE).  This energy is thought to flow through pathways in your body, these are known as meridians.  Acupuncture treatment requires the use of hair thin needles that are strategically placed through your skin on various parts of your body.  The insertion of these needles at the various points along the meridians on the body are believed to circulate energy which practitioners believe will allow for a rebalance.  There are a total of 12 meridians in our bodies, each associated with a major organ and functional body system.  Western practitioners believe the acupuncture points stimulate nerves, muscles and connective tissues, allowing for increased blood flow and stimulation that releases endorphins, a natural painkiller.

Thrive Ahead Co.’s approach to health and wellness is holistic in which we work closely with our patients to address our seven pillars of wellness as they see a need for it.  Thrive Ahead Co.’s seven pillars of wellness are mental health, nutrition, sleep, self-care, movement, spirituality & community.  Within our framework of mental health, wellness and community, we are eager to share alternative (not new) techniques that will help our clients address their concerns.  The newest addition to our team, Dr. Alyssa Perez will take us into her world of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, cupping and herbal medicine.


Dr. Alyssa Perez is Thrive Ahead Co.’s very own Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine.  Dr. Perez specializes in supporting individuals experiencing pain, anxiety/stress, and issues with digestion, menstruation, fertility, and immune health.  Through her work, Dr. Perez strives to empower patients to take an active role in their healing through patient education.  Schedule your consultation here today!


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