Career Opportunities

We’re looking for professionals who understand intersectionality from experience:

  • NDisabled
  • NAll Genders
  • NDiverse Religious/Spirituality Based Providers
  • NNative and fluent speakers of other languages, especially Polish-, Spanish- and ASL-communicating
  • NImmigrants and Refugees

It is always important that those we hire align with the mission and values at Thrive Ahead Co. We strive to integrate professional therapy, wellness and community for our clients and members in an approachable way that fights isolation. We look for employees who are committed to their own personal growth and potential as well as within our Thrive Ahead community. We provide a unique experience to our clients and members by providing wraparound services that can be adapted to their specific needs and goals whether through our in-house services or community partnerships. And through it all we look to provide an amazing, collaborative environment for everyone involved through our commitment to anti-racism work. Together we commit ourselves to our mission of personal growth through community wellness.

Immediate Needs

Immediate Needs for Professionals With Experience or Specialization in:

  • NFinancial Counseling
  • NExecutive Functioning
  • NCareer Counseling Certification
  • NHealth at Every Size Practitioners
  • NTreatment for Trauma, PTSD and C-PTSD - EMDR, Cognitive Processing Therapy
  • NAnxiety/OCD - Exposure Therapy
  • NOngoing Medical Concerns -Chronic Pain, Autoimmune, Autism, ADHD
  • NNurse Practitioners for Therapy and Prescribing ** (Much needed)
  • NCouples Counseling

Additional Needs

  • NSomatic Experiencing
  • NMindfulness Practitioners
  • NGroup Therapy
  • NThose with past experience working in PHP/IOP programs
  • NCADCs
  • NAnxiety/OCD - Exposure Therapy
  • NOngoing Medical Concerns -Chronic Pain, Autoimmune, Autism, ADHD
  • NWomen’s Health Integration/Education (perimenopause, menopause)
  • NPsyDs - Neuropsych and Diagnostic Testing
  • NPhysical Therapists
  • NOccupational Therapists
  • NMeditation Coach
  • NSex Therapist
  • NProfessional Organizer
  • NRegistered Dietitian Nutritionist

Work With Us

We’re always looking to add to our amazing community with therapists and other fully licensed providers who have the following expertise in no particular order:

Career vs. Partnerships

Our team is always looking to make connections and build relationship in and outside of our Thrive Ahead Co. community.  If you are looking to join our in-house team or wanting to become a Thrive Ahead Partner or a referral partner, we would love to connect with like-minded individuals like yourself!

Join Our Team

A Chicago-based practice providing therapy, mental health resources and community wellness.  Thrive Ahead Co. approaches your mental health and wellness through a holistic lens aproach where we consider various aspects of yoru life, beginning with our pillars of wellness: mental health, movement, nutrition, sleep, self-care, community & spirituality.

    Become a Partner

    Thrive Ahead Co. Partners, a collaborative group of therapy and wellness professionals. This will be an invite-only collaborative networking group consisting of wellness professionals who specialize in areas of movement and fitness, mental health, nutrition, and sleep. Our goal is to create a supportive environment where members can develop local contacts, exchange referrals and discuss opportunities for collaborative workshops and groups. These events will be sponsored by Thrive Ahead Co. and offered both in-person at our office and online.

    Current Openings