Private Practice Support

Private Practice Consultation, Training  and Back Office Support

Did you start a practice during Covid and it’s not thriving in a way that you’d hoped?
Are you in over your head?


Because of the onslaught of clients during Covid times, you weren’t able to focus on the marketing you’re now needing.


Did you think you had a handle on billing from experience but it’s just become too much?


Do you need to spend more time and money on these things but you aren’t sure how to budget for it without your family finances taking a hit?

All of these admin things, we know grad school didn’t prepare us for but we thought we could do it and earn the money we know we deserve straight from the client and insurance. And we did! But now the questions and thoughts have come… and of course those ones that come right when we close our eyes at night!

Are thoughts like these overwhelming you?

Our Consultation, Training and Ongoing Support options will meet your needs.

Here are the thoughts practice owners have before connecting with us, are you one of them?

Working at home has been good to me but I miss collaborating!

What am I going to do to market myself? I’ve never needed to! I hate selling myself!

Oh my goodness, I’m so sick of this on-hold music for BCBS! I wish someone else could do this for me

I didn’t expect to need to pay estimated taxes! Now what am I going to do?

I have no idea how to budget for all this and have no idea where my money is going. Quickbooks! What?

I need better health insurance! This marketplace plan while in solo practice isn’t cutting it.

I’m not so sure I’m making any more money now that I’m on my own and I have so much more work!

I’d like the opportunity to make money outside of seeing clients, but what does that look like for a therapist?

All of this administrative work is just too much for me at this point, I think I want to go back to a group but I really like this independence, I wish I could find someone to just do this stuff for me or teach me how to be more efficient with it.

Thrive Ahead Co. has options for meeting each of these needs!

On her way to building Thrive Ahead Co., our founder Jenn has had many experiences of starting from scratch and building these foundational business elements through her own research and experience but also by gathering skilled, supportive professionals along the way who have the additional expertise. You’ll be able to benefit from these collaborations now as well. You’re welcome to engage in one of three ways:

  • Consultation
    • Focused to help you think through best practices and how to implement them
    • Charged at an hourly rate
  • Training
    • Initial consult with you and your staff and train someone in your office in the workflow and administrative management that can help your practice run smoothly behind the curtain and over the phone.
  • Back Office Ongoing Support –
    • And if you’re just over the “do it yourself”, MacGyver way of doing it all, we have the skills and resources within the Thrive Ahead Community to meet that need and take its weight off your shoulders
    • Charged on a monthly/commission basis depending on your needs
    • This is your best option to feel free to go back to the client care that you’re trained for and that gives you that sparkle back
    • Feel free to schedule a consultation call below to discuss your needs and learn more about what we can offer.

Consultation, Training and Ongoing Support available for:

Insurance Credentialing

Practice Management Software Setup and Implementation

Practice Policies and Workflows

Billing, Claims and Benefits Checks

Additional Support Available For:

  • Marketing/Strategy Consultation
    • Digital Marketing
    • Content Creation
    • Messaging
    • Mission, Values and Vision
    • Marketing Plan
  • Website Design & Development
  • Legal Support
    • Business Law
    • Employment Law
    • Mental Health Law
      • Forms
      • HIPAA Policies
      • Subpoenas
      • IDFPR Matters
      • DCFS Concerns
  • Financial Support
    • Accounting
    • Bookkeeping
    • Payroll
    • Tax Prep
    • Budget Planning
    • Profit First Setup
  • Commercial Real Estate & Legal Support

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