Mental Health Therapy


We provide an approachable, comfortable, safe space to sort out what’s felt sticky, struggly and limiting in your job, at school, at home, in your relationships, or in your own mind.

The therapy process allows us to gain more insight as we become aware of our patterns, relationships, thoughts, and strengths. When we can regularly participate in this type of reflection together and in between sessions, we tend to realize what’s actually within our control.

Clarity comes from engagement, not just thought – relationships are what build the inner voices we have inside of us, but those relationships in our lives are also the practice field to try new things. They’re what teach us how we’d like to grow. Relationship is at the heart of all we do.

How It Works

You can expect your first session with your mental health provider to be close to 60 minutes long and follow up appointments 45-55 minutes based on what your insurance provider supports.

We encourage new clients to commit to weekly appointments as this is a new and transformational relationship that you’re entering into and having a basis of relationship and rapport to do that work in is very important so we ask that you prioritize this. Once you have a firm basis to this connection and you feel like your needs are being met and the changes that you’ve hoped for are starting to happen in your life, having a conversation about changing frequency could come up with your therapist. They can likely guide you in how they understand this process and make recommendations on what would make sense in your case.


We find that clients who engage actively with the therapeutic process – by reflecting, experimenting with new ideas and behaviors, applying suggestions, staying curious and taking on new opportunities – often experience greater and more enriching benefits from their sessions.

We notice that people who are able to do the work of therapy between sessions (having reflective time, trying new things, taking suggestions, having authentic conversations, exercising) can really impact how much a client can get out of sessions and how long their therapy relationship is.

It is our belief that we are here to help support and guide you in the struggles that you’re facing in your life. We want to help you build the habits, skills, perspectives, relationships and environment where you can live your life mindfully and with inner wisdom that you trust to make the next right steps. We don’t see our role in your life as one of dependance, our role is to resource you and to help you grow in awareness of the multiple resources, inner and external that you have in your life – the true meaning of Thrive Ahead.

Benefits & Outcomes


Clients often experience improvements in their overall mental health, including reduced symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. Through therapy, individuals learn coping strategies and techniques to manage their emotions more effectively, leading to a more balance and fulling life


Our therapy sessions are designed to foster deeper self-reflection, helping clients understand their thought patterns, behaviors and emotions on a profound level. This increased self-awareness is a critical step towards personal growth and self-improvement.


By addressing communication barriers and emotional concerns, therapy can enhance the quality of personal and professional relationships. Clients will learn how to express themselves with more clarity and confidence and begin letting go of anxious ways that make us less present in conversation and prevent building strong connections with others.


One of the most significant outcomes of therapy is the feeling of empowerment that comes from mastering new skills and strategies to navigate life’s challenges. Our goal is to equip clients with the tools they need to make confident decisions and take control of their life’s direction. We acknowledge that mental health support isn’t the only thing that might help this become a reality so if there’s struggles in other areas of wellness we might invite you to engage with another professional to help you thrive and build confidence in that area as well.


We don’t only want you to ‘cope’ with life, though recognizing that sometimes we still have to, we want to provide space to explore and replace any maladaptive coping mechanisms with healthier ones that work in the context of your life. This includes learning how to deal with adversity, change, discomfort and stress in a way that promotes well-being and avoids harm.


Our approach encourages mindfulness and present moment awareness, allowing clients to lead more intentional and fulfilling lives. This can lead to a deep sense of peace, satisfaction and contentment, turning off the inner critic, as clients learn to live more fully in the present, appreciating what life is offering.

Your Supports

Kaylie Short, LPC


Kaylie Short LPC works as a mental health therapist at Thrive Ahead Co. She works with young adults and adults through experiences in transition, navigating changes or concerns in their personal or professional relationships and shifting personal experience with anxiety, people pleasing and perfectionism, self- doubt and identity, grief, executive functioning and ADHD as well as deconstruction and understanding of religious beliefs you may have been brought up with as a child. Kaylie compassionately supports her clients as they work to untangle the stories and experiences that have felt uncomfortable, uncertain and overwhelming when they’ve only been previously understood in isolation. With Kaylie you’ll experience a great balance of patience, presence, empathy and when needed and helpful, even a bit of challenge.

Insurance & Payment Information

Kaylie Short is able to see clients with the following insurance:

Blue Choice
Sana Health

Jenn Graus, LCPC


While Jenn Graus LCPC is a mental health provider. This role is used at Thrive Ahead in a supervisory capacity right now and she is not actively taking on new 1:1 therapy clients.


What insurances do you take?

Our mental health therapy services accept Aetna, BCBS PPO, Anthem & Blue Choice and Sana Health. Our team offers an insurance benefits check when you schedule your initial consultation.

What are your out of pocket rates?

Our self pay clients pay a rate of $200 per 60 minute session.

Clients with insurance benefits have policies with contracted rates with our practice. More information can be gathered about your specific costs during our initial consultation with you. To gather benefits information, we just ask that you provide us with a copy of the front and back of your insurance card and your Date of Birth.

Do you offer packages?

We see therapy services as a process in developing a long term relationship and resource to your existing support system (or helping you grow one to begin with) because of this, short term packages aren’t appropriate for the type of relationship we aim to have with you. If you don’t have a health insurance policy we are in network with, we would be glad to talk through payment options with you and have a limited number of sliding scale sessions available for those who are in need of this. Please inquire about these possibilities or your insurance questions during your initial consultation.

What is your cancellation policy?

Less than 48 hours is $75, charged to the card on file and if you haven’t made contact within that timeframe and your appointment has already begun, it is considered a no-show and no-shows will be charged at the full out-of-pocket rate and not covered by insurance.

Do I need to work with multiple providers since Thrive Ahead works holistically?

You are welcome to schedule an appointment for whatever service you’d like to. However, if there is another service that would serve you or complement the initial service you scheduled for, we are glad to make that recommendation with another provider at Thrive Ahead Co. or one of our partner providers.





Schedule a Consult

If you’d like to learn about next steps as a client, feel free to read through our information for “New Clients”. You’re also welcome to schedule a free consultation with our practice manager to learn more about Thrive Ahead, ask any questions and if you’re ready to schedule your first session with a provider

Our approach to mental wellness happens through one on one and group therapy designed to enhance your awareness of personal communication styles, thought patterns and your inherent strengths catering to anyone facing anxiety, depression, life transitions, identity concerns, grief, ADHD, executive functioning, spirituality, or relationships concerns.