New Clients

Start Today

If you would like to inquire and learn more about services at Thrive Ahead Co. and get connected with a therapist who is skilled and trained in the life circumstances and concerns you’re dealing with here’s what you can do and what you can expect next:

  1. Schedule a brief consultation call (about 15 mins). 
  2. At that scheduled time you can expect a phone call from a member of our staff. In this call we’d like to understand what you’re hoping to gain from therapy right now, discuss costs and insurance if applicable and answer any questions you might have. At the end of the call, we’ll make a recommendation for which therapist would meet your needs and preferences the most and if you’re comfortable moving ahead, we’ll go ahead and schedule your first session.
  3. Intake documents will be sent to your email to be completed online
  4. Before your first appointment we would be glad to complete a benefits check with your insurance company so you can know up front about any deductibles, copays or co-insurance amounts that your policy requires for sessions. 
  5. When we start a new therapy relationship we highly recommend that clients start with weekly sessions to be able to build a good foundation of understanding, rapport and trust with your therapist. We find that this benefits clients to be able to commit to the process and to enact the change that they want to see in their lives.
  6. Sessions are currently being conducted via Google Meet and a link will be sent to you the morning of each appointment day. We are looking forward to welcoming clients back for in-person session in Fall 2022. 
  7. Deductibles and copays are due at the time of your session and will be collected electronically.