Pillars of Wellness

At Thrive Ahead Co.while our roots are in providing quality, evidence-based mental health services, we acknowledge that the growth toward greater health and wellness cannot be done in isolation as individuals. Your providers are best equipped to serve you when they have their own resources and support to leave professional isolation behind as well. As such, we have a network of experienced providers who we’ve vetted to assist you in meeting your goals and together we bring you a holistic approach focused on seven pillars of wellness:

7 Pillars of Health & Wellbeing:

  • NMental Health
  • NSelf-Care
  • NSleep
  • NNutrition
  • NMovement
  • NCommunity
  • NSpirituality

By focusing on these 7 core areas in our intake process, we believe we can lay the groundwork for sustainable personal and professional growth. These pillars allow us to focus on a holistic view of the areas of health that impact our daily lives and decisions. Ultimately, it’s our hope that every member of the Thrive Ahead Co. community, whether they’re a member, provider, or partner, feels supported in these 7 areas of health and wellbeing.