Thrive Ahead Co: Our Story

At Thrive Ahead Co., we offer evidence-based, down-to-earth, healing therapy. We are therapists with unique specializations who go beyond traditional therapy to create a collaborative community.  This includes gathering spaces, workshops, and events, as well as referrals to our partners for fitness options, nutritional guidance, support groups, career development, and much more. This community is a place for holistic wellness, to explore a new side of one’s self, and to not just cope but to thrive ahead!

Our team has extensive therapy experience ranging from:

  • Life transitions and relationship counseling
  • Trauma and grief support
  • Self-esteem and people-pleasing concerns
  • ADHD & anxiety support
  • Gender and sexual identity

Allow us to explain what makes Thrive Ahead Co. so unique…

We believe that the interconnectedness of professional therapy, wellness, and community is essential for personal growth. You can expect an approachable community of individuals committed to achieving their personal and mutual potential. Our approach to wellness is adaptive, so whether you’re brand new, or continuing your health journey, we offer not only private, professional therapy, but resources for wellness, healing and growth, all in one community. Thrive Ahead Co. combines therapy with the healing powers of chiropractic care, career support, nutritional counseling & dietetics support, personal training, physical therapy, and psychological & diagnostic testing to create one uniquely holistic space for healing, health, wellness, and growth.  Our clients might stop by our office for a one on one on a Friday and later on in the weekend to catch one of our monthly special events, a yoga session or meet with one of our Thrive Ahead Partners at their office in West Town.

Thrive Ahead Co. breaks down any formalities or stigmas around mental health services to meet you wherever you need support. Whether your holistic health goals call for career support and fitness, or whether they call for a space that offers ADHD services and personalized therapy sessions, Thrive Ahead Co. offers a community that can honor any and all of your individualized health needs, all in one place. 


Committed to Personal & Mutual Potential

  • At Thrive Ahead Co., we are committed to personal and mutual potential which means that our providers are also committed to their own growth and development. We understand that everyone is a work in progress, and that includes us too. Our aim is to build a supportive, engaged, and collaborative community of providers who can serve as an example and resource for our clients who are seeking to overcome personal and professional isolation as well. We believe that by engaging in what Thrive Ahead Co. has to offer, we can all grow towards our potential. We see the gifts in one another, and we invite each other to aim higher. Whether it’s through attending workshops, participating in 1:1 support, learning from each other’s experiences, or collaborating as we start a new practice, we are committed to supporting each other’s growth towards our full potential as individuals and as a community.


  • At Thrive Ahead Co., we understand that starting something new or seeking support for your wellness can be daunting. That’s why our value of being approachable is all about creating a welcoming and supportive environment where you feel comfortable to be yourself. We acknowledge that even the most experienced of us can feel awkward at times, and we welcome you into that with us, so your social anxiety can take a break. Whether it’s our friendly staff or our compassionate providers, we are all down-to-earth and supportive of one another as a community. We believe that everyone, regardless of their background or experience, deserves access to high-quality wellness care that meets their unique needs.

Holistically motivated

  • At Thrive Ahead Co., we are holistically motivated to support your well-being and growth. We believe that true wellness comes from taking a comprehensive and integrated approach to health, considering all aspects of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Our commitment to being holistically motivated means that we take the time to understand your unique needs, goals, and life circumstances. We recognize that each person’s journey to wellness is unique, which is why we are dedicated to being adaptable and flexible in our approach to support you in the way that best fits your needs. Whether you are looking for therapy, nutrition guidance, fitness coaching, or any other support on your journey to wellness, we are here to help you thrive. We encourage you to engage with us in a way that is initially most comfortable to you, and we are committed to supporting you in your growth towards being holistically motivated in your own life as well.

Ready to grow

  • At Thrive Ahead Co., we believe that the journey to wellness and wholeness is a lifelong process of growth and discovery. That’s why our value of “Ready to Grow” is all about both our providers and clients embracing their imperfections and incompleteness and being open to new experiences and growth opportunities. When you come to Thrive Ahead Co., we join you in curiosity and engagement, and create a supportive community that encourages authenticity and personal growth. Whether you’re seeking mental health support, wellness coaching, or simply a space to connect and grow, our “Ready to Grow” value empowers us to become the most whole and authentic version of ourselves. 

To Our Partners:

We recognize that therapists need community, just as our clients do. We believe that holistic health thrives best in an environment where those receiving support and offering it have their needs met and voices heard. So, in addition to the clinical growth support we provide our team, we invest in offering administrative resources such as billing, accounting, and other shared services to our clinicians and partners so that they feel at ease and can spend more time with their clients. 

We’ve built a professional place for wellness that feels like home for both our clients and our providers. We have, and continue to build, a vast network of mutual referrals from our fellow licensed therapists to our community wellbeing partners.

Our community is a shared space where people can stop in, have a private counseling session and take a yoga class, or just come by to chat with community members and grab some tea on the way out. This authentic environment not only allows our community members to share collective experiences and resources, but provides a comprehensive approach to wellbeing. Thrive Ahead Co. strives to honor both sides of our health services, by creating a community for those receiving support, as well as for those providing it. Whether you are one of our therapists, fitness instructors, counselors, or coaches, at Thrive Ahead Co. you will be surrounded by a powerful community of like-minded providers, who specialize in every facet of holistic health.

We are currently focused on seven primary pillars of health:

7 areas of health & wellbeing
  1. Mental health
  2. Self-care
  3. Sleep
  4. Nutrition
  5. Movement
  6. Community
  7. Spirituality

By focusing on these 7 core areas, we believe we can lay the groundwork for sustainable personal and professional growth. These pillars allow us to focus on a holistic view of the areas of health that impact our daily lives and decisions. Ultimately, it’s our hope that every member of the Thrive Ahead Co. community, whether they’re a member, provider, or partner, feels supported in these 7 areas of health and wellbeing.

From Our Founder: Jenn Graus

Thrive Ahead Co. was one of the many things that came to light during the pandemic so to tell you its origin story we need to rewind to those chaotic times. At that point therapists, including myself, faced a unique challenge. For the first time, we found ourselves struggling with the same overwhelming emotions alongside all of our clients. The isolation from loved ones and the grief over lost opportunities affected us all. It became crystal clear that mental health concerns were skyrocketing, magnified by the profound sense of isolation.

Whether in or outside pandemic times, a focus of therapy is to normalize our clients’ experiences and dismantle the internalized shame that often tells us we’re different, other, and somehow flawed and stuck. Our minds can be masterful liars, feeding us anxious thoughts and making us question our worth. Yet, we often trust these deceptive thoughts to guide our self-awareness and how we interact with the world.

During the pandemic I also recognized the isolation and disconnect in the wellness field. Look around, for instance, at fitness gyms showing this segregation—rowing, bootcamps, cycling, stretching, and yoga—all specialized and separate. I wondered: why can’t we have a cohesive, holistic approach to wellness? And why don’t the providers within this realm have deep connections with one another, fostering a supportive network for referrals and collaborations?

The pandemic proved that this isolation isn’t the answer. Yes, the time alone provided moments of enlightenment, peace, solitude, and personal growth for some. But we also learned that true thriving comes when we have a safe, encouraging, and intentional community around us that understands the importance of relationships while fostering a space for individual growth.

Through these observations I’ve noticed a recurring pattern among my clients. When one area of their life opens up, when their energy changes, suddenly, they desire more: more motivation, more intentionality, and more support in various aspects of their lives. They often seek referrals, eager to explore beyond our weekly mental health sessions which is what formed the idea to bring all of us out of our isolation and into community personally and professionally at Thrive Ahead Co. But why that name?

During my studies of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, I stumbled upon a skill called “Cope Ahead.” It encourages clients to envision stressful situations and pre-plan coping strategies to shift from a reactive to responsive mode. While useful, I asked myself, “Shouldn’t we strive for more than just coping with life? Can’t we change our circumstances and patterns to experience fewer reactive moments?”

And so, Thrive Ahead Co. was born, flipping that skill on its head to feel less inflicted by life. We empower you to leverage your strengths and create a life, nurture relationships, and foster an environment around you where response and intentionality prevails over reaction. It’s about recognizing when you have control, working with influence, accepting situations beyond your grasp and looking for opportunities. We believe that merely coping isn’t enough because we’re here to help you truly thrive.

At Thrive Ahead Co., we’re not in competition with one another or the wellness you seek. Our goal is to help our members find a community that encourages embodiment, connection, and wholeness. As providers, we strive for these qualities in our own lives. Together, we’re dedicated to supporting you on your journey to enjoying yourself, your life, and the incredible people in it. We’re here to guide, empower, and cheer you on every step of the way.


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