Transforming New Year’s Resolutions into Personal Growth Journeys

Our team spent quite some time carefully planning and brainstorming for this January’s Wellness Wednesday.  It involved a lot of rescheduling and despite our best efforts, the recording didn’t unfold as expected, leaving us with lots to learn for our future Wellness Wednesdays. What initially seemed like a hiccup turned into a laugh-out-loud and learn from your mistakes type of day.  Although our recording didn’t turn out as planned, our entire team learned from the experience and we are able to share this knowledge filled blog with insights from our experts, Jordan White (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) and Dr. Sarah Krcmarik (Licensed Clinical Psychologist).

Introduction: As the New Year dawns, many of us pen down resolutions with a burst of optimism, only to see them fade away as weeks pass. This year, let’s approach these resolutions differently, turning them into a fulfilling journey of personal growth, not just a list to tick off.

Embracing Flexibility in Goal Setting: Resolutions often fail because they are too rigid or ambitious. This year, let’s set intentions that are adaptable and align with our deepest values. This means creating goals that can evolve and grow with us throughout the year, reflecting our changing circumstances and insights. It’s about progress, not perfection.

Understanding Individual Differences: Each of us is unique, and so should be our resolutions. Especially for those with neurodiversity, resolutions need to resonate with individual experiences and cognitive styles. It’s about finding what works for you, be it a daily routine, a new hobby, or a professional aspiration, and tailoring it to fit your personal narrative.

The Role of Self-Compassion: One of the biggest reasons resolutions fall apart is our reaction to setbacks. Instead of harsh self-criticism, let’s practice self-compassion. Acknowledge that slip-ups are part of the journey and use them as stepping stones for growth. Treat yourself with the same kindness and understanding you would offer a good friend.

Practical Strategies for Lasting Change: To make resolutions stick, break them down into smaller, achievable steps. Celebrate every little success along the way – these small victories are powerful motivators. Also, be open to revising your goals. Sometimes, the path to our destination needs a few detours, and that’s perfectly okay.

In redefining our New Year’s resolutions, let’s focus on creating a sustainable path of self-improvement and fulfillment. This isn’t just about a yearly tradition; it’s about an ongoing journey that nurtures and enriches our lives.  We’d love to hear how you’re transforming your New Year’s resolutions into a journey of personal growth. Share your stories and strategies with us – let’s inspire and support each other in this journey!

Jordan White is a licensed clinical social worker at Thrive Ahead Co., located in the Bucktown neighborhood. Jordan serves clients not only in Bucktown, but Chicago, and surrounding suburbs and offers 10 years of experience as a social worker and is a Gottman-Trained Couples Therapist. Jordan is experienced with diverse age groups and cultural backgrounds, making him adept at providing support in various areas. His specialties include offering support for anxiety & depression, ADHD, executive functioning, OCD, perfectionism, adoptee work, couples & relationships, body image, life transitions & trauma work. Schedule A Consultation Call Today Here

Sarah Krcmarik  is the founder and licensed clinical psychologist at Hope Psychological Testing Services., located in Oak Park. Sarah specializes in treating adolescents, adults, families, and couples, and also provides a wide range of psychological and neuropsychological evaluations.  You can learn more about Sarah Here.



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