Thrive Ahead Partners

Matthew Kerr, Pins and Needles Acupuncture & Wellness

“I utilize acupuncture, cupping and Gua Sha therapies, herbal medicine along with diet and lifestyle counseling to help my patients achieve the most out of their experience with me. I have a special interest in treating the LGBTQ+ community, psycho-emotional concerns such as stress, anxiety, depression, and have a experience in treating several levels of trauma and how it effects our minds and bodies. I also treat men’s and women’s health, fertility, digestive support along with pain management. Pain management and acupuncture are very effective with supporting athletic training, neck, shoulder, and back tension, headaches, migraines along with jaw pain. Just to name a few.”

Dr. Sarah H. Krcmarik, Psy.D.
Dr. Krcmarik views therapy and assessment as unique opportunities to know and understand yourself in more profound and meaningful ways so as to allow true clarity, healing and purpose in everyday life. She specializes in treating adolescents and adults who are experiencing challenges with mood, attention, relationships, and recovery from trauma, and she also provides a wide range of psychological and neuropsychological evaluations to help provide diagnostic clarification and inform treatment.  She is also able to provide EMDR services to clients recovering from difficult experiences.  In addition, she supports practitioners looking to enhance their clinical skills through consultation and supervision.  I consider myself an engaging, outgoing, and warm practitioner who really enjoys my job! Being in relationship with others to help breathe new life into their lives is a gift and a privilege. I am a very curious person, and I invite my clients to be very curious about themselves to help discover new things about themselves. I come from a family of thirteen siblings and have six brothers and six sisters! Being around large groups of people with all different personalities feels natural to me!”
Dr. Sonam Sayania
Soulective Pelvic Health & Wellness is an integrative physical therapy practice specializing in pelvic floor dysfunction (any issues with bladder leaks, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, low back and hip pain, or issues with bowels). We are integrative in that we assess your entire lifestyle in addition to physical symptoms. We look at your stress levels, joy levels, sleep, nutrition, and how it all affects your injury or dysfunction. Everything is connected, and once we address the mind body and spirit connection, true healing can begin. My offerings include 1:1 physical therapy sessions, small group fitness classes, and interactive pelvic health workshops. All three of these offerings have in person and virtual options for the busy bees out there. 
Best Wellness Tip: Increase your awareness to truly get to know yourself and what works for you, mentally, physically, and spiritually. You are a unique individual with unique needs of your own. This means taking the time to get to know yourself and your needs.
Your Passion: Increase awareness. Sharing my insight with the world. Enhancing people’s lives by showing, presenting, teaching, consulting and guiding towards a more optimal way of living. Helping you improve the way you live and function through union of mind, body, and spirit. I pull from yoga theory and practice to help you achieve this. 
Tell Us Something Fun About Yourself: Happy go lucky lady keen on nature, hiking, biking, live music, and yoga. My favorite music artist is J Cole. My YouTube history consists of producers making beats, yoga theory and practice, live DJ sets in beautiful places [check out Cercle on YouTube, thank me later], and occasional cooking videos. I am pursuing my yoga teacher training in India this year.

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What We’re Looking For

We are so excited to be in our office space at Webster Point in Bucktown (and so very close to Lincoln Yards, Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, Avondale and Logan Square) where we surround ourselves with other amazing wellness colleagues. We’re looking forward to partnering with you as well!

Here’s the types of professionals we collaborate and partner with today and we’d love you to join their ranks as a trusted source in our community:

  • NChiropractors
  • NPhysical Therapists
  • NDermatologists
  • NPsychologists providing Neuropsych and Diagnostic Testing
  • NMassage Therapists
  • NPersonal Trainers
  • NRegistered Dietitians and Nutrition Therapists

We would like to share space for offering services or collaborative workshops to these providers:

  • NPsychologist for Testing ** (Much needed)
  • NPersonal Training
  • NNutritionists/Dieticians** (Much needed)
  • NYoga
  • NPilates
  • NMeditation
  • NChiropractic Medicine
  • NMassage Therapy
  • NPhysical Therapy
  • NAutoimmune Counselors
  • NFlexologists
  • NGenetic Counselors
  • NABA Therapists
  • NCryotherapy
  • NInclusive Nail and Hair Salons
  • NAcupuncture
  • NProfessional Organizers