Wellness Professional
Partnership Opportunities

What We’re Looking For

We are so excited to be in our office space at Webster Point in Bucktown (and so very close to Lincoln Yards, Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, Avondale and Logan Square) where we surround ourselves with other amazing wellness colleagues. We’re looking forward to partnering with you as well!

Here’s the types of professionals we collaborate and partner with today and we’d love you to join their ranks as a trusted source in our community:

  • NChiropractors
  • NPhysical Therapists
  • NDermatologists
  • NPsychologists providing Neuropsych and Diagnostic Testing
  • NMassage Therapists
  • NPersonal Trainers
  • NRegistered Dietitians and Nutrition Therapists

We would like to share space for offering services or collaborative workshops to these providers:

  • NPsychologist for Testing ** (Much needed)
  • NPersonal Training
  • NNutritionists/Dieticians** (Much needed)
  • NYoga
  • NPilates
  • NMeditation
  • NChiropractic Medicine
  • NMassage Therapy
  • NPhysical Therapy
  • NAutoimmune Counselors
  • NFlexologists
  • NGenetic Counselors
  • NABA Therapists
  • NCryotherapy
  • NInclusive Nail and Hair Salons
  • NAcupuncture
  • NProfessional Organizers